The project

Sustainable and social

With Bosque Azul, we want to counteract the ongoing loss of forests. Tropical rainforests stabilize the climate by storing large quantities of CO2: One hectare of rainforest can absorb over 700 metric tons of this climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

Additionally, the moist of the forest counteracts increasing drought and provide habitats for a wide range of plant and animal species.

We want to start on a 34-hectare gras land (formerly cattle grazed) near the Carara National Park in western Costa Rica:

There, native tree species will be reforested in the coming years, and agroforestry – a mixed planting of forest trees and crops – will be established on a small part of the area.

Such plantings are resilient and rich of native species, meanwhile providing high-quality food for the local population.

The seedlings are grown directly on site in the project’s own tree nursery and then planted in the field. In the tropical climate, the young trees grow very fast, absorbing large amounts of CO2. And the 34 hectares are only the first step: To the extent the incoming donations enable us to do so, we want to gradually reforest and manage further areas. Because the more blue forest is created, the better for the climate and the protection of species!