About us

The people behind Bosque Azul

Together we’ll achieve more: To ensure the sustainable success of the project, we cooperate with committed local partners.

The local partner organization in Costa Rica is the “Asociación de Mujeres Emprendedoras” (Association of Women Entrepreneurs), which currently has 12 members. These women grow organic vegetables and medicinal plants, they also produce special honey with the native Mariola bees and produce soap. All products are sold nearby on local markets. The association is the promoter of the project and takes care of the cultivation.

Like this, because the intention of Bosque Azul is not to be an aid project in the sense of “colonial” development aid, rather than a project, where all participants act on an equal level. We are convinced: The project can only be successful in the long term through joint commitment.

Mónica Hinojosa-Hall comes from Ecuador. She has worked for over 25 years as an environmental educator in national parks in South & Central America and Germany. Mónica dreamed for long of founding a “jungle school for environmental education”. She developed the concept of Bosque Azul together with her German husband Michael.

Michael Hall is a master carpenter and has been working in the processing of wood for over 40 years. In addition to his own business near Freiburg im Breisgau, he managed training projects in house and furniture construction in various Latin American countries for many years. People, wildlife and forests of Latin America have grown close to his heart during this time.

Mónica and Michael themselves are involved with a lot of personal commitment and risk: in order to be able to devote all their time to the project, Mónica quit her secure job and Michael has handed over his carpentry business to a successor.