The goals

Holistic and integrative

Reforestation, organic farming, environmental education and the promotion of local women’s entrepreneurship accompany each other here.

Bosque Azul will be much more than “just” a new, young forest – the project will also provide concrete benefits for the local population in the form of reliable harvests and incomes. The organic cultivation of vegetables, bananas, cocoa and other crops will provide healthy, pesticide-free food. At the same time, the committed locals – especially the women – are provided with an additional income by selling the surplus production on the markets.

Another important goal of our project is environmental education

The importance of the forest will be conveyed to the region’s schoolchildren in a demonstrative, lively way. For example, during joint planting activities or scout camps. In the medium term, in order to make Bosque Azul better known in Costa Rica and internationally, there are also- plans about projects around ecotourism, as soon as an appropriate infrastructure has been constructed.

By involving the local people and actively communicating with the outside world, we want to ensure that our forest project is also appreciated and further developed by the next generation. After all, the reforested area will only retain its climate-protecting effect if it is maintained with forests in the long term.